BOHEMIAN GROVE, UNITED STATES – the most secretive club in America

BOHEMIAN GROVE, UNITED STATES - The most secretive club in America

Cult of Bohemian Grove

Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men come to the Bohemian Grove. Аn enormous campground in Monte Rio, California, for two weeks of drinking, secretive rituals, and making global decisions.

Members of the Bohemian Club have included former U.S. presidents, musicians, oil barons and more. Presidents include Nixon, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, both Bush’s, Hoover, Ford, and Raegan.  Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and a healthy selection of White House chiefs of staff have also attended the camp. In fact, in 1942 the Manhattan Project was organizеd at the camp festivities. Queen Elizabeth showed up in 1983 but she was denied membership into the Bohemian Club because she was not male.

There are many conspiracies that surround the Bohemian Grove. One theory is that there are ritualistic human sacrifices. Others believe that the club picks the future presidents and create the plans for the fate of the world.

Anybody can be President of the United States, but very few can ever have any hope of becoming President of the Bohemian Club.”  – President Richard Nixon, 1972

Bohemian Grove Facts

Facts about Bohemian Grove club:

  • To join the Bohemian Club, usually one must receive several invitations from members and then pay a $25,000 initiation fee along with yearly dues.
  • Several people have infiltrated the Bohemian Club or Bohemian Grove over time, releasing details and footage of both.
  • Women and minors are traditionally not allowеd on the premises of Bohemian Grove after nightfall.
  • Claims have bееn madе by conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones that the Grove is usеd for occult practices.
  • Some allege that the powerful men who gather at the Grove use their wealth and influence to run the world from there, but this has not been proven.

The Bohemian Grove

“It’s honestly just a place where wealthy guys from San Francisco go to be drunk knuckleheads,” said the former guest.

The grove’s back-to-nature setting is perfect for that sort of thing.

“It’s very rustic,” he said of the Bohemian Grove. “There are scores of ‘camps’ within the grove, each with 20 to 50 people. Each camp is unique and has a different cabin or clubhouse. They are all along a main dirt road. They burn firewood to stay warm and generally just host people from other camps or go visit people at other camps and provide entertainment.

The entertainment could be anything from guest speakers and musicians to stage performances.

In 1967, club member Richard Nixon gave a speech on American foreign policy, calling it the “first milestone on my road to the presidency.” It was at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco following that speech that member Ronald Reagan agreed not to challenge Nixon in the primaries. Legend has it that the first inklings of the Manhattan Project were birthеd within the Redwood confines of the Bohemian Grove.

The Bohemians Exposed

As with any elite “secret” society, over the years rumors have abounded, though members tend to blame that on the club’s strict no cell phone policy. According to the former guest, members can actually get suspended for having one.

That hasn’t stopped countless journalists and curious voyeurs from trying to sneak a peek at the mysterious goings-on at the Bohemian Grove. In 2009, Vanity Fair writer Alex Shoumatoff was arrested for trespassing after pushing through a hole in a fence to explore the compound. He documented his trip in a piece for the magazine.

Before Shoumatoff, radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and a cameraman infiltrated Bohemian Grove in 2000. The pair filmed one of the club’s ceremonies known as the Cremation of the Care.

While a spokesman for the grove denied Jones’ conspiracy theories about the ceremony, he admitted that the footage was authentic.

Prior to Jones, a Spy magazine reporter managed to pose as a member of the group for seven days, all the while documenting the trip.

Regardless of the conspiracies or rituals or debauchery that these intruders claimed they witnessed, members are quick to let people know that the club is mostly for relaxation, a reprieve from the stresses of the world of the rich and powerful.


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